Couples Massage
Couples Massage

Couples Massage

COUPLES MASSAGE by Rose Body Spa is a premium service offered by Rose amongst the wide range of massage services it caters to. Massage is known to reveal the inner version of an individual. The best of the massage is advised to be done with your partner on board. It is carried out with both of the partners laying right next to each other and getting finest of the massage treatment. In Couples Massage the duality and the dual spirit that the partners emit in terms of love for each other is also an add on factor that helps in the process of healing through massage. In couple massage the chemistry and comfort are two C’s that set the tandem towards a lovely session.Couples massageworks on the principle that the ultimate relief to the body is a human touch. After a hectic day in this modern lifestyle what our body really needs is a feel of care and concern. InCouples massagethis is the reason why to relax your muscles, to refresh your mind, to nourish your tired skin and to make you look younger than ever before we provide Couples Massage. Both the massages work like each other and mostly in demand. How do they help us feel better? When our body is caressed by the opposite gender. Our brain makes our body release a hormone called as Serotonin. Now at Couples massagewe provide our customers this choice to select and get the best possible relaxation from our expertly trained highly professional staff that knows how to best perform Couples Massage. One of the best massages available in the market right now we at Rose Body Spa are striving to provide excellent massage services to be able to provide its customers the best they deserve. Get relaxed, rejuvenated and a wonderful Couples experience which will make you count on us forever for your therapy sessions.

Our Pricing

Body Massage
₹800 M
  • Swedish Massage800
  • Full Body Massage800
  • Body 2 Body Massage800
  • Aroma Therapy Massage800
Full Body Massage
₹1000 M
  • Swedish Massage1,000
  • Full Body Massage1,000
  • Body 2 Body Massage1,000
  • Aroma Therapy Massage1,000
Body To Body Massage*
₹1500 M
  • Swedish Massage1,500
  • Full Body Massage1,500
  • Body 2 Body Massage1,500
  • Aroma Therapy Massage1,500
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