Reflexology Massage
Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE is in trends these days ever since touch therapy has come into focus. Rose Body Spa has a unique range of services available in their catalogue. One of the best in its class and location, Rose has ushered when it comes to dealing with different kinds of massages as well. We all know the importance of massage in the lives that we are living these days. If you’ll ask a masseuse or a professional therapist they’ll tell you the lifestyles that we are leading are totally ignorant of our health. Reflexology massage in such cases or also called as Zonal therapy focusing on zones of our feet and body parts to be applies pressure on. Reflexology massage has its multiple benefits when it comes to treatment. At Rose Body Spa first benefit of reflexology massage is that what you get is premium treatment at no cost. Extra benefits at no extra costs and super competitive prices especially when you so are in need of the best massage In the whole town. Your Reflexology massage needs are well covered with Rose Body Spa’s special package that includes best of the suites with a highly professional fleet of professionals ready to tackle all your demands and carefully provide you with strokes that help the body muscles to reflex. Reflexology Massage is basically comprising of that only. A massage that can treat any medical condition is what the internet says about Reflexology massage. At Rose Body Spa reflexology massage is a known choice for most of our customers as they are aware of the special expertise we put in making sure that once you come to Rose Body Spa you always look forward and never look back. At the same time, we also ensure that the treatment helps you lead a better non-toxic strong life. At Rose Body Spa we focus on holistic mind than a one that is busy and disturbed.

Our Pricing

Body Massage
₹800 M
  • Swedish Massage800
  • Full Body Massage800
  • Body 2 Body Massage800
  • Aroma Therapy Massage800
Full Body Massage
₹1000 M
  • Swedish Massage1,000
  • Full Body Massage1,000
  • Body 2 Body Massage1,000
  • Aroma Therapy Massage1,000
Body To Body Massage*
₹1500 M
  • Swedish Massage1,500
  • Full Body Massage1,500
  • Body 2 Body Massage1,500
  • Aroma Therapy Massage1,500
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